Hello people who follow my blog.(not very much) I wanted to talk to you about my games or arcade area. I know that You probibly don't care about my pets or my life and just want to go on the games. Please even if you go on just for the games could you please follow my blog. Thanks.
Okay I went home and my sister asked me to follow her. (Her room is right under the attic.) She told me that there was a scraching noise. So we listened and there it was! Acreepy scratching noise right about the attic door. I think that It was trying to get out, but then I heard it in a corner across from the attic door. My cat is now trying to get it. She was also trying to climb up the wall and meowing. I took my phone and I could hear it in my recording. If you go to my school Or is a friend of mine just ask to hear it. Also if you go to my school maybe you could come over to my house or stay after school in the library or just wait outside the bus area to hear it. 
P.S. comment on my creepy noise or tell me a time were you or someone else heard a noise in your attic or fireplace. Tell you more later on the raccoons in my grandparents fireplace.
diane loofburrow
7/27/2011 03:13:52 pm

Way to go lexi keep on blogging!


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